Oils & Derivatives

The world is looking at Castor Oil & Its Derivatives as natural and biodegradable products to manufacturer biopolymers, biolubricants and additives. Castor is agricultural product and it is versatile and unique natural gifted to the world.

Mango Pulp

We are exporter of agro base products and so we takes full care for product and its quality, packing, documentations and timely delivery and special care for Fruit Pulp as per customer requirements.

Ester, Surfactants & Emulsifiers

CREATING VALUE through innovative, customisable and high-performance solution

About Us

Leading the industry with environmentally friendly products

The Company is leading by well experience of Oil & Derivatives with Technical Sale and after sales service.We understand commodity is used for manufacturing specialty products and so we are sure about quality consistency supply.

Why Us?

We always believe in supplying Quality Products because it gives value-addition and good returns to our buyer’s, and that is how we say, that we care for you!.