Acetem Acetylated Mono
and Diglycerides-E472a

Product Specification

Degree of Acetylation 0.5-0.9
Form Transparent Liquid
Colour light yellow
Feedstock Coconut/ Palm Kernal
Acid Value Max 6 mgKOH/gm
Saponification Value 400-450 mgKOH/gm
Iodine Value Max 12
Hardening Point 8C
EC number E 472a
Heavy Metals (as Pb) Less than 10mg/kg
Arsenic Less than 3 mg/kg
Cadmium Less than 1mg/kg
Mercury Less than 1 mg/kg


An Acetylated Monoglyceride is an Acetic Acid Ester of Monoglycerides made from fats and oils. The product is transparent, with a oily pale to light yellow colour. It is typically insoluble in cold and hot water and is dispersible to soluble in edible oils and fats.

Application in Food

  • Gum base and chewing gum

    • Acts as a softening agent for gum base.
    • It improves anti-sticking properties and elasticity in chewing gum.
  • Cake Improver

    • Improves aeration of cake batter and provides improved crumb structure in cake.
  • Food Coatings

    • Acts as a barrier and reduces external contamination, loss of moisture and retards oxidation.

Non-food Application

  • Bio Plasticizer in phthalate-free plastics