Glycerol Monooleate (GMO)

Product Specification

HLB 3.8
Form Liquid
Colour Amber to pale yellow
Acid Value Max 6 mgKOH/gm
Hydroxyl Value 300-330 mgKOH/gm
Iodine Value Max 58-80
Free Glycerine Max 6 %
Saponification Value 160-176 mgKOH/gm
Total Mono Glyceride Content Min 35 10%
Heavy Metals (as Pb) Less than 10 mg/kg
Arsenic Less than 3 mg/kg
Mercury Less than 1 mg/kg
Cadmium Less than 1mg/kg


GMO is a multi-functional, oil soluble emulsifier. It functions as dough strengthener, flavouring agent, stabilizer and thickner, lubricant and release agent, surface finishing agent and texturizer.

Application in Food

  • Baked Goods

    Breads and Cakes.

  • Confectionery

    Chewing gum, Toffees and Caramel.

  • Dairy Products

    Ice Creams and Desserts.

  • Fats

    Margarines and Shortenings.

  • Starch

    Mushed potatoes and pastes noodles.

  • Juices

    Functions as an Anti-foaming agent in juice processing.

Non-food Application

  • Personal Care Products

    Used as a lubricant, solubilizer and dispersant in personal care products such as creams and lotions.

    Used in bath oils as emollient and spreading agent.

  • Industrial Application

    Used as a lubricant and rust protector in oils, synthetic lubricants and metal working fluids.

    Functions as a textile lubricany for synthetic fibre and spin finishes.

  • Personal Care Products

    Used as an excipient in antibiotics and other drugs.

  • Food and Packaging Fild

    Used as an anti-blocking agent for food packaging film.