Potassium Stearate E470a

Product Specification

Fatty Acid content Min 83%
Iodine Value Max 3
Moisture Max 2%
Free KOH Max 1%


Potassium Stearate E470A is a soap for food-grade applications. It is a potassium salt of saturated palmitic and stearic fatty acids.

EC No. E 470a
Form Coarse Powder
Appearance White to off-white

Application in Food

Used as a co-emulsifier in:

  • Cake gels: Hydrated blends of emulsifiers for the cake industry
  • Margarine and low-fat spreads
  • Imitation creams
  • Non dairy creamers
  • Non dairy whipped toppings
  • Starch
  • Salad Dressings