Sorbitan Mono Oleate (SMO)

Product Specification

HLB 4.3
Form Oliy liquid
Colour Amber
Acid Value Max 8 mgKOH/gm
Saponification Value 145-160 mgKOH/gm
Sorbitol, Sorbitan and Isosorbide esters content Min 95%
Hydroxyl Value 193-210 mgKOH/gm
Heavy Metals (as Pb) Max 10mg/kg
Arsenic Max3 mg/kg
Cadmium Max 1 mg/kg
Mercury Max 1mg/kg


Sorbitan Mono-Oleate is produced by the esterification of soritil with commercial oleic acid derived from fats and oils and consists of approximately 95% of a mixture of the esters of sorbitol and uts mono- and di-anhydrides. It is an amber coloured oily liquid with a slight characteristic odour. It is dispersible in hot and cold water.

Application in Food

  • Cakes and Cake mixes

    • Whipped creams based on dairy and vegetable fats
    • Icings and toppings for bakery goods / wares
    • Sugar Confectinery
    • Dietary food supplements
    • Carriers and solvents for colours and anti foaming agents
    • Margarine, Salad Dressings and Sauses
    • Liquid tea concentrate’s and Liquid fruit and herbal infusion concentrates
    • Instant yeast

Non-food Application

  • Textile

    Used as a lubricant and emulsifier in the textile industry

  • Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

    Used in conjunction with polyxyethylene (20) Sorbitan Estersin the preparation of stable water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions.

  • Plastic Food Wrap